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Music Together®

  • An internationally recognized early childhood music   and movement program for infants, toddlers,   preschoolers, and the grown-ups who love them.

  • Music collection is from all over the world and it’s a   rich mix of varied tempos, meters and tonalities.

  • Music Together was created in 1987 in America and it is based on research studies of early childhood music   education and psychology.

Did you know all the children are musical? It is important to nurture child's natural musicality in early age. Actively making music rather than listening to music is very important in child's music and overall development. Also active grownups involvement is essential. Children learn best from grownups who they trust and love. In Music Together, grownups take our class with their children and create the same fun loving environment at home with our songbooks and CDs.

Weekly 45 minutes class. 

New illustrated songbook, digital download and 1 CD included each term.

Tenjinbashisujirokuchome Class

Saturday 10:00 ~ 10:45

1 minutes from Tenjinbashisushirokuchome Station

8 minutes from JR Tenma Station

*We are planning seasonal parties at Halloween, Christmas and Easter!


Spring, Fall & Winter Term

​1  Season 10 Totals classes  (About 3 months)

​Tuition  (10 classes + 1 makeup class & Digital download, 1 CD and an illustrated songbook)   

20,000 yen (monthly installment payment plan available)

One time registration fee - 5,000 yen 

*Limited time offer  

 No sign up fee if you sign up within 1 week from the free trial.

Sibling discount available. Please contact for more information.

Director:  Kayo Huffman

Lived in America for 23 years.  Bilingual. Mother of one daughter.

Class will be held in English with some Japanese descriptions.

Let’s enjoy music together with singing and dancing!

Call in English


In The


Music Together is enjoyed in 40 countries and 3,000 communities worldwide.


Music Together is getting popular in Italy!


2020 Winter Session

Sazanami Plaza Class

1/18~ Mid April (No class every second Saturday)

Easter Egg Hunt (TBD)

Free Trial Class - Reservation Required



Join us with your child age 0 to 6 years old.

Let us know the date you prefer,

your child’s name, age, and your contact number.


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